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Dry Euphorbia cuttings

With the looks of the Cactus, the Euphorbia is really a different kind of plant. Why is that? Because of its spurge.

Schefflera cuttings in soil

A beautiful houseplant that you would of course like to propagate: the Schefflera. We cannot guarantee 100% success, but pleasure is.

Propagating the Croton (Codieaum) with cuttings

The Croton is perhaps one of the most colourful plants there is. Extra fun to multiply that cheerfulness. The cuttings of the Croton? That’s how you do it!

Palm cuttings by separating

The propagating of a palm is simple. Although it takes a few weeks to months to root a palm cutting. Patience is therefore certainly needed with palm cuttings!

Trimming the Syngonium to cuttings

Syngonium is easy to care for as a houseplant and as a tropical plant in an ecosystem. Handy that the plant is also easy to propagate!

Pachira cuttings from a branch

You cut the Pachira by making a head cut. How do you do that? Well, at least within about four steps. A piece of cake!

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