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Palm cuttings by separating

The propagating of a palm is simple. Although it takes a few weeks to months to root a palm cutting. Patience is therefore certainly needed with palm cuttings!

Trimming the Syngonium to cuttings

Syngonium is easy to care for as a houseplant and as a tropical plant in an ecosystem. Handy that the plant is also easy to propagate!

Clusia cuttings in water

The Clusia is not only easy and air-purifying but also easy to propagate. Well, some plants just like to make it very easy for you.

Philodendron cuttings without aerial roots

How do you actually propagate a plant? A knife or scissors, glass with water and your favorite houseplant are the only things you need. Good luck!

Splitting the Anthurium into cuttings

The propagating of an Anthurium is done by tearing them apart. How does that work, and what should you do with the cuttings afterwards? You read it here!

Propagating a Calathea in potting soil

The propagation of the Calathea works basically the same as with the Banana plant. The plant grows shoots that eventually develop their own roots.

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